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Norman North Football Booster Club


Football Parents,

Our next regularly scheduled meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  We start our meetings at 7:00 pm.  Location will be announced.  

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.




Be proud to support our Timberwolves through donations, membership or volunteerism. If you wish to become a booster member complete the membership form and send it to membership@nnfbc.com. 

NNFBC Mission

To maintain a quality football program at Norman North through a network of parent support.     SUPPORT =  volunteer  +  financial 

NNFBC Objectives

  • To Promote Norman North Football;
  • To Promote Community participation in the Norman North Football Program;
  • To Promote, recognize and assist Norman North Football athletes;
  • To Assist in providing equipment and other necessities; and 
  • To Promote High School Sports to the Norman Community.

NNFBC Concessions

    2016 Freshman/JV Football Concessions (Varsity Parents) 2016 Varsity Football (Freshman & JV Parents)

    Dear Parents,

    It is time to get our concessions covered for the Freshman, JV, and Varsity games. Concessions provide needed income for our booster club and it is very important that all families participate in covering at least one maybe two shifts.  Involvement by all ensures that the burden of work is shared among the many and not the few.  We have 5 home Freshman/Junior Varsity games played at Norman North's field at 5 and 7 o'clock on Monday nights. There are 4 Varsity home games scheduled at Harve Collins at 7:00, each on Friday night.  

    You are never expected to work during games where your athlete plays. 

    Freshman Parents

    Freshman parents are asked to work during Varsity games. JV parents will sign up too but would rather work 1st shifts generally in case their player would be called in for the second half of the game.  April Murray has graciously agreed to be the Varsity game coordinator and she will need lots of help!  First shift begins 1.5 hours before games start and stay until replacements arrive. Second shift begins 1 hour after game has started; they relieve shift 1, work through half time and clean up during the third quarter.  

    Junior Varsity Parents

    Junior Varsity parents are asked to work during Freshman and Varsity games. While we hope to fill Varsity games slots with mainly Freshman parents, JV parents are needed to ensure appropriate staffing.  Consider signing up for first shifts if you are concerned about your athlete playing in the second half of the Varsity games and missing their possible playing time.  Freshman game shifts begin at 4:30. Varsity game first shifts begins 1.5 hours before games start  and stay until replacements arrive.  Also, a Junior Varsity parent is needed to commit to start up the concessions for all Freshman games (Freshman game coordinator).  That involves arriving 1 hour before game time to start heating food and getting set up.  Please contact me if you would fill this much needed position.

    Varsity Parents

    Varsity parents are asked to work during Freshman or Junior Varsity games.  Shifts begin at 4:30 for Freshman games and 6:30 for Junior Varsity.  A Varsity parent is needed to commit to checking on and closing down the concession stand for every JV game (JV game coordinator); concessions are closed down during the third quarter of the game.  Please contact me if you would fill this much needed position.  

    If you have questions or are willing to fill the JV and/or Freshman game coordinator positions, please contact me.  Please click on the respective links below to choose your time and dates for serving in the concessions.  Of course you can sign up to work ANY game of your choosing regardless of which team your child plays, the above are suggestions to ensure no one misses their own athlete's playing time. 

    Thank you for reading...now click on a link! ;-)


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