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2016 Spring Meeting

2016 Spring Meeting information

2016 NPS Athletic Participation Forms

Norman Public Schools Athletic Department would like to thank you for taking part in our process of accepting the required athletic participation paperwork online. 


1. To submit online, you will be asked to provide information such as student athlete’s ID#, student athlete’s full given name, email address, date of birth, year in school, home phone, cell phone numbers, primary physician and hospital, emergency contacts with phone numbers and other pertinent information. Please make sure you have this with you when filling out your forms online or you will not be able to submit. 

2. You CANNOT FILL OUT the PARENTAL CONSENT form and the PHYSICAL EVALUATION form online. YOU MUST PRINT THESE FORMS AND TAKE WITH YOU TO THE PHYSICIAN. It must be filled out by a physician and hand delivered to the Athletic Trainer or site Athletic Director at your school. 

3. Remember, to submit online, you and your student athlete must fill out and sign in all required spaces. Forms will not be accepted electronically without everything filled out by the student athlete and you the parent/guardian. 

4. To begin, click on the ELECTRONIC PARTICIPATION FORMS tab at the top of the page and fill in the information requested in the required fields. If a question is not applicable, please answer the question with “NA or UNKNOWN”. 

5. To sign the document, click inside the signature box and hold your mouse down, this will allow you to create an “electronic signature”. If you make a mistake and need to start over, click on the refresh icon next to the signature box. If you are using an a IPAD, you may create an electronic signature by holding your finger to the screen and signing or by using a stylus pen and signing. 

6. Once you have filled out all of the information on each page you will have the opportunity to print the document. 
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